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The Waratah Way

The Waratah Cricket Club has a very long and proud history in Darwin Cricket. Our club was first established in the dry of 1957. A gentleman by the name of Norm Yeend walked off the footy field after the last game of the ’57 season, and said to a team mate, “What are we going to do in the dry?” With these words the Waratah Cricket Club was born and Norm became our founder.

During the coming years the Waratah Way developed. The Waratah Way is a Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship by which a Waratah Man or Woman conducts him or herself on and off the field. The Waratah Cricket Club believes fairness, mateship, and respect should be shown to one and all, past and present, who wear the Red and White.


The Waratah Way can only be kept alive by those who adopt these values with integrity and proudly wear the red and white. It is a privilege for anyone to be able and capable to participate in sport. It is the individual who makes sport enjoyable, for not only yourself but for your team mates and your opposition. Without the opposition, it’s not competition. We are proud of our club and even prouder to be known as Waratah Men or Women. This is the Waratah Way.

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